Grinding in one step

Firstly, any foreign material is removed from the oil filters, and the oil filters are then ground down to a final grain size of ≤ 25 mm.

A special MeWa shredder from the UG series grinds the material in a one-step process. The shredded material mix of iron, aluminium, paper, rubber and oil is transferred to a centrifuge where it is cleaned. The oil is separated and stored in tanks. The remaining material is virtually dry and can therefore be divided into magnetic and non-magnetic fractions by a magnetic separator. A non-ferrous separator then separates the aluminium. At the end, there is less than 2% oil remaining on the individual fractions.

Drainage channels and oil sumps have been installed for all shredding machines, conveyors, surge bins and separators. This ensures that the factory floor does not become contaminated.

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