Shredding as a team

The cables are first sorted and then cut into pieces approx. 1.5 metres in length using scrap metal shears. A gripper transfers the thick strands to a MeWa UC 150 rotary shear. The Universal CableCutter UNI-CUT® CC is ready to take on smaller items of cable waste and cables from electrical appliances.

The roughly cut parts are granulated to the final grain size in an adjacent granulation line with granulator UG and cutting mill USM. Depending on the demand, suitable separation technology with magnetic separators, non-ferrous separators and zigzag separators separates the plastics, aluminium and ferrous metals contained in the waste. Dust is extracted from the material flow via a special plant. This process culminates with a special unit separating the mixed copper/lead fraction. All metals and plastics left at the end have a high purity level.

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